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I’ve been in the underwear business for 16 years now. It’s been a great ride – Ystar Wear used to be a small trading company, and now I have my own production line! So I can give you a one-stop solution for underwear manufacturing.

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What We Produce

Men’s Boxer Brief

7" Boxer Brief

Men’s Boxer with Flypocket

7" Boxer Brief with Flypocket

Men’s Brief

7" Boxer Brief with Pocket

Sports Bra



Cheeky Bikini

Triangle Bra



Yoga Pants

Yoga Legggings

5" Boxer Brief

7" Boxer Brief with Pocket

Bralette + Cheeky

Bralette + Hipster

Boxer Brief with Flypocket


Triangle Bra + Thong

Sports Bra + Boyshort

Other types and patterns are available, please contact us to learn more.


Commonly Used Material For Underwear

Organic Cotton

Cotton is the most popular fabric for underwear because it’s breathable and comfortable.

Lycra and elastane are often added to cotton underwear to make them stretchier and more supportive.


Modal is a natural fiber made from beech tree pulp. It is considered a luxury fiber because it is incredibly soft and smooth.

It is also breathable and moisture-wicking, making it a popular choice for underwear and other intimate apparel.


Bamboo fabric is a natural fiber made from the pulp of bamboo grass.

It’s soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking, making it a popular choice for underwear.

Recycled Polyester

Polyester underwear is durable and can withstand frequent washing. if you’re looking for something that will dry quickly, polyester is a good choice.

Lycra or Spandex can be added to the polyester fabric to create stretchy underwear that moves with you.

Recycled Nylon

Recycled nylon is often used in the production of underwear, as it has a soft feel and is breathable.

It is also durable and resists pilling, making it a good choice for undergarments that are worn regularly. Additionally, recycled nylon uses less energy to produce than new nylon, making it environmentally friendly.

Premium Merino Wool

Premium Merino wool is high-quality wool that comes from Merino sheep.

It is also very breathable, which makes it a great choice for underwear. It is also naturally odor-resistant and helps regulate body temperature, making it ideal for hot and cold weather.

Any other material is avilable, but quotes take up to 48 hours.

Wide Custom Options For Unquie Underwear

Ystar offers a range of men’s underwear that is made from the finest fabric and provides superior comfort. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to find the perfect suitable for your market.

  • Organic Cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Modal
  • Recycled Polyester
  • Recycled Nylon
  • Premium Mmerino Wool

The waistband plays an important part in the fit and appearance of underwear. When choosing a Waistband, you must take into consideration the type of waistband being used and the level of comfort desired.

  • Polyester waistband
  • Nylon waistband
  • Microfiber waistband
  • Filament waistband
  • Cotton waistband

The care label is printed on the inside of the underwear for easy reference or with a fabric label, choose one as follows.

  • Satin Lable
  • Cotton lable
  • woven lable
  • Iron lable
  • heat transfer print lable

You have a wide range of package options to consider which will help to better position yourself in the market and bring in some unique pieces.

  • PVC bag + hangtag
  • PVC bag + paper card
  • PVC box + hangtag
  • Paper clip
  • Paper box
  • Paper bag/PP bag

Ystar is a professional manufacturer who has more than 10 years of history in the field of printing and dyeing garments. Contact us with your own design idea or creative work, we will work with you to check the best printing methord.

  • Screen print/water print
  • Heat transfer print graphic prints ont-shirts
  • Digital print/ sublimation print with polyester material
  • All over Print
  • Positional print/placement print 
  • Reactive print

Different stitching methods will be used for fabric splicing between different locations. The following are common stitching methods for different parts of underwear

  • Overlock stitching 
  • Flatlock stitching 
  • Z-lock 
  • Twin needle 
  • Top stitching 

Production Process

By understanding the process behind making underwear,

you can better appreciate the work that goes into bringing this essential product to market.

Pattern Making

Fabric Inspecting

Fabric Cutting

Pattern Printing



Laser Cutting

Transfer Printing

Needle Inspecting

Quatlity Checking




The 8 Advantages of YSTAR Underwear

16 years of underwear manufacturing

Highly Breathable


Soft Fabric

Full of Elasticity

Recycle Fabric

Healthy Dyeing

Deodorization Technology

Antibacterial Process

Moisture Absorption

Factors Affecting the Cost of Underwear

Product Cost


(The cost from high to low)

  •  Premium Merino Wool
  •  Modal
  •  Bamboo
  •  Organic Cotton
  •  Recycled Nylon
  •  Recycled Polyester


(The cost from high to low)

  • Filament waistband
  • Microfiber waistband
  • Nylon waistband
  • Cotton waistband
  • Polyester waistband


(The cost from high to low)

Polyester Fabric

  • Solid Color
  • All over print
  •  Sublimation Print
  • Placement Print

Organic Cotton Fabric

  • Solid Color
  • Screen Print
  •  Reactive Print/ All Over Print


(The cost from high to low, for 1 pcs package)

  • Kraft Paper bag
  • Paper box
  • Hanger + PP bag
  • Paper Clip + PP bag
  • PVC bag

Transportation Cost

By Sea (MOQ: 500pcs per style)

Sea Port 20GP Freight 20GP CTNS CTN QTY 20GP QTY Freight per pc underwear Shipping Time
Los Angeles USD 5900 330 CTNS 72 pcs 23760 pcs USD 0.25/pc 13-16 days direct
New York USD 8300 330 CTNS 72 pcs 23760 pcs USD 0.35/pc 35+ days
Sydney USD 4500 330 CTNS 72 pcs 23760 pcs USD 0.185/pc 14-17 days
London USD 8300 330 CTNS 72 pcs 23760 pcs USD 0.35/pc 39 days
Hamburger USD 5200 330 CTNS 72 pcs 23760 pcs USD 0.22/pc 35-40 days

By Air (MOQ: 500pcs per style)

Airport Kgs per style(500 pcs) Freight/kg Total Freight(USD) Freight per pc Underwear Shipping Time
Los Angeles 75 kgs USD 6.67 USD 500.25 USD 1/pc 2-3 days
New York 75 kgs USD 7.88 USD 591 USD 1.18/pc 2-3 days
Sydney 75 kgs USD 6.67 USD 500.25 USD 1/pc 3-4 days
London 75 kgs USD 6.67 USD 500.25 USD 1/pc 3-4 days
Hamburger 75 kgs USD 7.12 USD 534 USD 1.07/pc 4-5 days

By Express (MOQ: 500pcs per style)

Country Charge Weight per Carton Freight Fees per Carton CTN QTY Express Company Freight per pc Underwear Shipping Time (door to door)
USA 17 kgs USD 220/CTN 72 pcs DHL USD 3.05/PC 7-10 days
Australia 17 kgs USD 220/CTN 72 pcs Fedex USD 3.05/PC 7-10 days
UK 17 kgs USD 175/CTN 72 pcs Fedex USD 2.45/PC 5-8 days
Germany 17 kgs USD 175/CTN 72 pcs Fedex USD 2.45/PC 5-8 days

Our Services

Ordering From Us

YSTAR Wear helps you begin the journey with these little steps.

(Ystar Wear Design Office)

Step 1 : Share us you design/artwork or idea

Whether you’re looking to create a new product or duplicate an existing product line,  YSTAR Wear has the necessary expertise.  We’re happy to work with pre-existing designs, or to help out with the design process.

Step 2 : Get a quote from us

Unit price is usually determined by the fabric material, fabric thickness, the difficulty of production, and order quantity. After confirming with us all the details and you’ll get a more precise quote.

(Ystar Wear Sales and Merchandise Office)

(Ystar Wear Technical Department)

Step 3 : Sample making

After sample details are confirmed and customized sample fees are received, our experienced worker will help to finalize the sample making. It mainly takes 5-10days.

Step 4 : PPS confirmation

The sample will express to your office for double confirm after it has finished. We will wait for comments from you side. Feel free to contact us if something needs adjustment.

(Ystar Wear Show Room & Meeting Room)

(Ystar Wear Production Department)

Step 5 : Production

Mass production will  arrange once we got deposit from you side. It mainly takes 25-40 days. After placing an order, we will provide a weekly online product production status report, to ensure that each customer can be the first time to grasp the order online production status, timely communication, and deal with the small probability of force majeure issues.

Step 6 : Shipping

Arrange shipment after all the production is finished. Airfreight is more expensive than shipping freight. For big quantity, we commonly suggest customer arrange the delivery by sea to save cost.

(Ystar Wear Factory)

Run Your Own Underwear Business?

Things You Need To Know

Yes, if you have your own logo/designs, Pls offer us AI, PSD or PDF formats. If you don’t have idea image, we accept custom design, size, color, logo, label, packaging, etc.

Our MOQ is 500 pcs per design.

Sublimation print, heat transfer print or silk-screen print. For small order quantity, we suggest with sublimation print to save logo set up fees.

First, we will adopt the highest standards of raw materials within the customer budget.

Second, we have advanced production equipment and skilled workers.

Third, random sampling of the entire process before production, during production, and completion
of production to ensure the product is in compliance with quality control requirements.

We have long term processing and manufacturing experinence for underwear and yogawear, cooperating with many famours brands with high quality and on time delivery.

We are a production-oriented company with 17 years experience.  We have around 15000㎡ industrial park , own knitting machine for the fabric, sublimation printing machines and experienced team for managements of company and production,  also for technical support work.

Sample production:

7 days with fabric stock


Mass production:

30 days with fabric stock

60 days witihout fabric stock

Our payment terms are T/T, Western Union, and paypal only for sample order.

16 Year Since Launch

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