Support Team

Allow us to introduce you to the heartbeat of our company – our dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations in the world of underwear & sportswear.

Together, our team embodies the values of passion, creativity, and excellence that define our brand. With their dedication and expertise, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of underwear & sportswear, delighting customers and shaping trends along the way.


R&D team

Our design team is a group of visionary creatives who bring innovation and artistry to every stitch. Drawing inspiration from global trends and customer insights, they craft collections that seamlessly blend style with functionality, ensuring that every piece not only looks stunning but also performs impeccably.

sales team

Our marketing and sales teams, who are the driving force behind our brand's visibility and growth. Through strategic campaigns and partnerships, they spread the word about our products far and wide, forging connections with customers around the globe.

QC team

From supply chain management to quality control, they ensure that every aspect of our production process meets the highest standards of efficiency and excellence. Our QC team the masterminds behind the technical excellence of our products.