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Commonly Used Material For Women's Clothing

Organic Cotton

Cotton is the most popular fabric for underwear because it’s breathable and comfortable.

Lycra and elastane are often added to cotton underwear to make them stretchier and more supportive.


Modal is a natural fiber made from beech tree pulp. It is considered a luxury fiber because it is incredibly soft and smooth.

It is also breathable and moisture-wicking, making it a popular choice for underwear and other intimate apparel.

Recycled Nylon

Recycled nylon is often used in the production of underwear, as it has a soft feel and is breathable.

It is also durable and resists pilling, making it a good choice for undergarments that are worn regularly. Additionally, recycled nylon uses less energy to produce than new nylon, making it environmentally friendly.

Recycled Polyester

Polyester underwear is durable and can withstand frequent washing. if you’re looking for something that will dry quickly, polyester is a good choice.

Lycra or Spandex can be added to the polyester fabric to create stretchy underwear that moves with you.

Any other material is avilable, but quotes take up to 48 hours.

Production Process

By understanding the process behind making underwear,

you can better appreciate the work that goes into bringing this essential product to market.

Pattern Making

Fabric Inspecting

Pattern Printing

Transfer Printing

Needle Inspecting



Laser Cutting

Quatlity Checking




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